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part a

the easiest path is always mined.

part b

the other paths are also mined.

ruby / rails interview questions

i've been digging around lately for interview questions to use when interviewing a ruby and rails candidate.

there are few good resources for this:


joe sniff

i'm adding a few more with some solutions, designed to test the breadth of someone...



"there ought to be spinwheels," she said.

"spinwheels?" i smiled.

"those colored square flowers on a stick. foil and a straw, and they spin when the wind blows. you know, spinwheels."


"yeah, whatever."

"why pinwheels...


there is a world next to this one .. only, it's not really, it's only in my head .. only it's not that either. it's a lot different than i thought; more dangerous, and much, much more real.

i have been exploring it for years. now it wants to explore...

bad dreams

the needle stung - james knew it wasn't supposed to, but it did. he would've given a jerk with the pain but the straps around his arms, legs, chest, and head prevented the movement - instead, he noted it in his mind, holding onto this one thing, this...

strange dreams

as is par for the course, the dreams that disturbed an otherwise peaceful slumber were vivid and troubling. it was good to see my little brother, however, even if it was in the aftermath of our mother star going nova. what followed that (yes, we...

from the latin quarter, rue de le huchette

my first impressions of paris: there seem to be quite a few more visitors than parisians.

my second: it's good not to have to rush to the toilet every half hour. i'm still taking my anti-biotics though. and the malarone for that matter.

i've walked...

from the subcontinent

so for the past couple of weeks i've been in sunny chennai, india. sunny, as the avg temperature while i've been here has been 104°.

i don't really know where to start. the thing that most recently occurred to me as i was washing my hands was 'what...

2k6 year in review

short summary: "this really sucks."

this year was quite possibly the worst year of my adult life. i am ready to put it in the bag, and forget as much as i can. as such, i will keep the review short:

had a nice trip to tampa with the feyrie, and to...


his regular friday night is spent just like this, around a pool table with like-minded people with beer in hand. this wasn't to say that he doesn't have a certain dark and tailored look, a peculiar enough air such that our pitiful prada-clad heroine...


said the sire to his childe, as they were expecting one mr. frost:

"xavier frost is generally referred to as 'the old man', not because of his appearance, but rather since most of those who know the name xavier frost learned of him as 'the old man...

'touching base'

i spoke to my son last night, first time in ages. i've been busy. away.

he's getting tall—he looks more like my brother than me, but with a softer chin, a rounder face. almost my height and only 11. he'll keep growing for another couple of years,...

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