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on the way home from the run there was a bunny in the road - small, obviously wild rabbit with agouti coloring. it looked like he'd been hit by a car, but he was clearly still alive, so we stopped. it was a busy street, and if he was just stunned ...

2k5 year in review

i'm a teepee, i'm a wigwam.

i don't have last year's 'in review' because i'm between servers. i think it was a 'more of the same' type of thing anyhow. the play by play on how i did will have to be foregone this year, breaking a many year tradition...

fenway - tastes like chicken

fenway chucked his backpack heavily on the ground, and gestured angrily.

"when, exactly, were you planning on telling me about this? radios dead?"

"this? we took care of it - no worries." fenway found jurgen's thick scandanavian accent bothersome...


"there ought to be spinwheels," she said.

"spinwheels?" i smiled.

"those colored square flowers on a stick. foil and a straw, and they spin when the wind blows. you know, spinwheels."


"yeah, whatever."

"why pinwheels?"

"they just...

clockwork god - ep summary

for any interested parties. some of these eps span multiple sessions.

setting: spring, 1873. babbage's successful work on the analytical engine has the Empire at the dawn of a steam-driven information age. but stranger things lurk in the streets...


"a tool for every job" andrew would say.

"a job for every tool" i always add.

cleaning up the garage—not a trivial feat.

i have three tool boxes. one reasonably small, and two even smaller. one of the smaller boxes is for 'parts of tools', drill...

the clockwork god - season 1 finale

(on or about may 5, 1873. the change in earth's rotation has made dates quite speculative.)

things left undone will become very undone, given time. this may be listed in the _books of ever, 'wisdom of fallen earth' part 1013_.

having completed...


three decades have passed since my birth. three years since finding my love. three months since i took the new job. three weeks since construction finished on the house. three days since finishing the last book i read, three hours since my last run...

hell is full of beautiful scenery.

here in hell, they don't have real dartboards—only plastic-tipped darts and electronic machines that cost 25 per player and don't keep score properly.

here in hell, the porter is only 3.2%, and they roll up the sidewalks at 10pm, even on the weekends...

opening lines

mark mccastlin couldn't remember the first time he fell down the stairs. on any of the dozens of occasions he'd taken flight over a set of risers he'd been more concerned with catching the railing or curling into a ball than committing the time and...

strange dreams.

had wierd dreams last night, but i generally do. another dream segment set in a decaying lexington—an imagined neighborhood north of campus that's even more run-down than the real thing, but instead of angry danger, there's a sense of community.



when you returned from 'away' a message was dutifully displayed in the lower right corner of my screen. it flashed briefly and disappeared like so many others, its interest in garnering my attention short-lived. i barely noticed, engrossed as i was...

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