ben vandgrift · on living the dream

2k6 year in review

short summary: "this really sucks."

this year was quite possibly the worst year of my adult life. i am ready to put it in the bag, and forget as much as i can. as such, i will keep the review short:

had a nice trip to tampa with the feyrie, and to san diego solo.

led my first route, calypso 2, messy trad, broke my ankle on ch4, clean sport.

had a dream about a son i didn't have, and lost a son i didn't know i had.

tried and failed to rescue a rabbit we named 'tumbler'.

a friend of mine committed suicide; a project of mine was murdered.

i paid down to one credit card, despite some expenses i shouldn't have incurred.

wedding roundup, in order: happy, failing, annuled. earlier is better, people.

i broke up messily four times, twice with the same girl.

i had a birthday party, spoiled by a jealous lie.

i outran the rain.

saw willy porter play and discovered a girl named natalia zukerman.

threw my back out pretty good on a 315# lift.

led with my heart for the first time i can remember, and consequently got it crushed into little pieces.

waited in line to vote in a protest election.

i ran in a couple of 5k races, but didn't make a remarkable showing. i did, however, stop hating the me in the mirror.

to close out the year, i found a new job that looks very promising. i am considering the many downsides of this year to be 'paying it forward'.

last year's resolutions can be found on my lj site, but to review:

9) continue to keep useless things out of my life.

10) fight my genetic limitations.

11) move professionally in a direction i find satisfying

12) be more grateful and appreciative.

for the next year?

let's keep 9 and 10 on the table, and add:

13) finish working on the house.

here's hoping. happy new year.

written: Jan 1 2007