ben vandgrift · on living the dream

from the latin quarter, rue de le huchette

my first impressions of paris: there seem to be quite a few more visitors than parisians.

my second: it's good not to have to rush to the toilet every half hour. i'm still taking my anti-biotics though. and the malarone for that matter.

i've walked quite a long way today, on top of a very long flight. (10 hours.) clay recommended a nice hotel, which is where i am staying, about two football fields from notre dame. i've napped already. i'm feeling like i probably should try it again.

found a shogi set in a game shop a little ways off.

there's a point at which you stop taking pictures. there's too much. it's impossible to capture. so i've started taking pictures of ugly little corners and details. i'm more comfortable with those things than grandeur anyhow.

i have to keep reminding myself that the value of the euro was intended to be somewhat less than a dollar, and it's only by virtue of the fact that we've spent a good many years fucking our currency over and mortgaging ourself to the chinese that this is an expensive place to stay, eat, and drink. maybe the next guy can bring things back around.

maybe we can do something about energy.

i don't know. i'm tired.

written: May 18 2008