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The Trust System

The TruST System is a diceless storytelling system, heavily inspired by the Amber RPG system described by Wujick. It abstracts may of the features of a standard roleplaying system, intending to encourage collaborative storytelling and scene description. Characters have four Traits, and optionally a number of Talents, a measure of Training, and access to different types of Techniques. With the exception of Traits, all of the elements composing a TruST character are dependent on the setting.

This document describes the basics of the system, provides instruction for players creating characters, and defines guidelines for storytellers creating system elements particular to a setting.


The underlying philosophies of the TruST system are as follows:

As such, it tries to model character behavior abstractly, and depends on the storyteller to adjudicate the outcomes of challenges based on the simple rules presented.

Contents (System)

The Gestalt Setting

written: Sep 15 2012