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The Gestalt Earth

The Gestalt setting represents a vision of Earth's timeline in which a central timeline (the Gestalt Timeline) is determined by a weighted aggregation of many parallel timelines, referred to collectively as the Constituency, and individually as Constituent Worlds. In this cosmology, a series of events are occurring that determine the future (and past) of the Human and post-Human race.


Notes on nomenclature deserve their own section, and can be found here.

(Known) Constituent Worlds


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Dealing with Time Travel

Wheels within Wheels

(To explain: the cluster as a series of turning rings, with travel possible between adjascent points.)

In Gestalt, time travel within the Gestalt Timeline is not possible, as doing so would directly fragment that timeline, spawning a new constituent world. To affect change in the Gestalt Timeline, it is necessary to travel to enough constituent worlds and change the relevant events until they form a consensus, at which point those changes will ripple outward through the Gestalt.

That said, different constituent worlds' timelines move at different speeds, and at at any given point in time, there exists a mapping from the Gestalt Timeline (or any other parallel) to a chronolocation in a target constituent world. This allows apparent time travel.

System Elements