Midwood: Fey Bloodline, a Sorcerous Origin

Midwood: Sorcerous Origin: Fey Bloodline

Your innate magic comes from a combination of your heritage and the fey magic suffusing the world.

Fade Into the Landscape (1st Level)

At 1st level, you gain the ability to vanish into the landscape. If you remain still while in a natural area presenting any cover, you are treated as though you are under the effects of the invisibility spell. Fading into the landscape requires concentration.

This ability does not function in a town or other settled area.

Feyrie Form

At 2nd level, you gain an alternate form. By spending two sorcery points, your size changes small, and you sprout wings (dragonfly or butterfly). You gain a fly speed of 30 (60 @ 3rd level, 90 @ 6th level, 120 @ 9th level).

Maintaining this form requires concentration, and lasts for up to 10 minutes, or until dismissed. At the end of its duration, two additional sorcery points may be spent to extend the form for another 10 minutes.

Your clothes and equipment do not change with your form. Dress accordingly.

Touch the Ten Thousand

At 6th level, you may commune with the Ten Thousand Gods. By spending 2 sorcery points, you can contact any nearby gods, who will grant you a brief audience, likely revealing their name and dominion, and providing information abour the surrounding landscape. The information they convey functions identically to the druid spell commune with nature.

Friends in Flora

At 14th level, you may animate the nearby landscape to fight beside you. By spending 5 sorcery points, you animate up to two plants for ten minutes. (This effect ends if the plant is killed, or is released from service.) The plants must already be present in the landscape. This ability may be continued beyond 10 minutes by spending 3 additional sorcery points every 10 minutes.

This ability functions similarly to the treant ability to ‘animate trees’, but can be used on trees, bushes, vines, and other types of plant. The plants’ statistics will be determined by the storyteller.