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character writing - ral winstead

(playing with voice. this is the old, tired, country grandad voice.—ben)

Tell ya what you do, stranger—if'n you want to see what this war did to the land and the folks hereabouts, head down Cosdon way 'bout a day and a half—you'll get to parcel of...

Almost Everything

Ian tapped gently on the door, hesitant. He didn't expect, and maybe didn't want her to be home. But he heard the soft footsteps approach, and the locks release. Then she was standing in the doorway.

She looked tired and disheveled, but was still...

character writing - mark mccastlin

Samples from the journals of Marcus Ryan McCastlin, aka Mark Ryan.

jan 15.

every year i think it'll be different. i'll get better. i'll get left alone. and about this time every year, at least the years i can remember, i realize it won't get any...

character writing - joshua matthews

"Everything has been broken upon the stone, cracked apart, laid open. The middle runs out over the sides, and nothing is hidden."–from 'The Lost Mythic' by Joshua Matthews.

"All too often one sets themselves in a static state, where they define their...