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Trust System: Talents

Talents represent a broad range of skills, natural gifts, and abilities. They

Talents in Contests

Talents add their rating to the underlying trait for the purposes of determining the outcome of contests, when applicable.


Bryan has Talent: Survival(+2). After spending a few hours in an Ice Age chronolocation without bring cold-weather protection, he is asked to make an Endurance test against a rating of 4. Bryan's Endurance is 3, but his Survival talent represents, among other things, knowledge of how to live for extended periods in extreme environments. Bryan's player describes how Bryan assembles a shelter and starts a fire, allowing him to use his Survival(+2) talent in the test. This bumps his Endurance rating to 5 for this test.


Talents represent a weak affinity for a range of subjects, and not formal training or raw natural ability. As such, Talents lose ties in contests where their rating has been used.

Cost and Limits

Talents cost 5 points of Good Stuff per rank, to a maximum of 3 ranks.

written: Sep 15 2012