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2010 Year In Review


Left Lexington, KY. That was simultaneously the worst (personally) and best (professionally) decision I'd ever made. Still not sure if it was worth it.

Made a few new friends, lost a few old ones.

Opened and closed a coworking space. Helped kick off a hackerspace.

Worked for a lousy client until April. Still learning how to run a business.

Made an ass of myself with shiny metal diamond-bearing things in late spring.

Sold a house in Lexington, put my name on the deed of a Charlotte condo.

Got a cat.

A bunch of other things I'm not ready to talk about.

Current projects: learning Clojure, returning to vi from Textmate, collecting bookends to help transfer my library to the staircase.

*(Update, 8/2014: The decision of this year would haunt the next few. They still hurt.)

written: Nov 29 2010